hellstalker (hellstalker) wrote,

Найдавніший паротяг в світі

Шелдон Купер просто вмер би від заздрості.

В Індії досі на ходу паротяг 1855 року випуску. Ще в 1998 році паротяг було внесено до книги рекордів Гіннеса.

The Fairy Queen first started functioning for the East Indian Raiway in the year 1855. After a decade of operation, the train stopped from running in 1908, and it was only after a hiatus of around 90 years that the train was brought back. During this period, it was kept in the National Rail Museum. Today, the Fairy Queen is the oldest steam running locomotive in the world with its name recorded in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. The Fairy Queen has also been the proud recipient of the National Tourism Award.

більш детально є тут http://www.indostan.ru/indiya/85_1941_0.html
Tags: Ги!, куточок безкорисної інформації

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